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  1. Europe: 03 Euros per person per day
  2. Rest of the world: 04 US Dollars per person per day.
  1. Maximum of 20kg per person as check in baggage and 1 piece of cabin baggage, weighing not more than 7 kg per person will be allowed on Coach.
  2. We suggest you travel as light as possible as heavy luggage would cause you great inconvenience. Please carry bags with wheels (Preferably 04 Wheels)
  3. Porterage not included – Passenger’s need to handle their own luggage.
  4. Coach driver will assist in Loading and Unloading the luggage from the coach. It will be passenger’s responsibility to carry the luggage from Coach to Hotel Room and back.
  1. Hotels offered on tour will be a minimum of 3 / 4* category.
  2. Room size are small as compared to USA. Hotel rooms have facilities like en-suite bathroom, toiletries, TV etc. 
  3. Please note Air Condition may not be available in all Hotels.
  4. Hotels sometimes offer the facilities of complimentary safe deposit lockers which can be availed.
  5. Please ensure that there are no damages done to your hotel rooms during your stay as the same would be charged to you directly by the hotel
  1. Coaches will have facilities like Air Condition, TV, CD / DVD player.
  1. During summer months it is advisable to wear light garments and perhaps keep a light jacket or sweater handy. It is advisable to carry a light waterproof jacket or umbrella. Passengers should also carry suitable footwear as per the itinerary of the tour.
  2. Passengers may also want to carry a small travel iron, hairdryer, kettle etc. as not all hotels will have these in the rooms.
  3. Please carry sunglasses, an additional pair of spectacles if you are using one, umbrella, digital camera chips with higher MB, extra batteries, charger for digital camera and mobiles.
  4. Medicines with prescriptions if required with drug generic name listed as the brand would differ from country to country.
  1. Please carry a photocopy of your passport including valid visas.
  2. Please carry your original insurance copy (if you have any)
  3. We will not be held responsible if passengers are stopped or held by any government departments, e.g. Police, Customs, Immigrations or any other authorities of the destination country.

Paying to use a public WC custom that irks many Americans. But isn’t it really worth a few coins, considering the cost of water, maintenance, and cleanliness? Please carry some change to use the toilets.

  1. Passengers should carry travel adapters so they can charge their electronic items in their hotel room.
  2. Travel adapters differ from country to country – Please consult us or check online for more details.

Passengers will have an option to choose from vegetarian or non-vegetarian (wherever possible Jain/Halal) meals during Dinners. Passengers should advise 9lobal Holidays USA of their preferred diet at the time of their booking so that this information can be provided to the caterers. Passengers are requested to inform Global Holidays USA of any food allergies at the time of booking. However, special arrangements cannot be guaranteed including Halal or Jain requests. Passengers with severe food allergies or dietary requirements are advised to make appropriate arrangements before commencing their tour. Global Holidays USA reserves the right to change the meal arrangement if circumstances beyond our control make it necessary. The meals are pre-set buffet style, and a choice of menu is not available.

Restaurant: 0n some of our Tours meals are provided at restaurants, which are prepared by local Indian chefs; a set menu in a buffet style will be provided along with tap water only.

Lunch is local vegetarians (Burger, Pasta, Fries, Cold Drink etc.) and are provided outdoors at a service station/rest area where limited or no seating is available. On some days, Global Holidays USA may provide packed lunches to suit the itinerary of a particular tour.

Indian Dinner will be provided and are served within the hotel/restaurant in a separate dining facility.

Breakfast will be Continental served by the hotel.


If for any reason 9lobal Holidays USA is unable to provide the Lunch or Dinner; Passengers shall be given 10US Dollars per person per lunch &dinner or e¢uivalent local currency based on destination.

  1. We highly recommend all our passengers to get travel insurance.

  2. Travel insurance helps protect against the unexpected.

  3. You can get travel insurance from our website –  (

Please note that during the tour, the Tour Manager/Local Representative has right to modify the itinerary as they deem fit. These changes are usually due to unexpected delays or major local events that can often arise.

However, all the aspects of itinerary will be covered. (No refund will be offered, if any excursion is closed due to operational reason)


Regardless of the time of the year, it is advisable to carry a small umbrella at all times. Temperatures vary from place to place, and it is a good idea to check online for average temperatures for the destination(s) being visited. Passengers can be well prepared by ensuring they are carrying appropriate clothing, footwear, and accessories. Passengers should also be aware that some sightseeing will be done after dusk.

It is the passenger’s’ responsibility to keep their property and valuables safe at all times including on coaches, excursions, and hotels. If an item has been left at the hotel or supplier, then the passenger can call the relevant Hotel / supplier. In the case of theft, passengers should advise their tour manager immediately and report the theft to the appropriate authorities, so they can be provided with a police report or crime reference number. Passengers are always advised not to carry unnecessary valuables and to be vigilant as tourist spots are well-known target locations for pickpockets.

We will by no means retrieve the item on behalf of any passenger or be responsible for acquiring the item on behalf of any passenger to keep in line with company policy and law.

We maintain a strict policy of not carrying anyone’s property across international borders whether it is authorized in writing or by any other means.

If the client or the traveler should wish to invoke a default by the carrier or the travel agent in its compliance with the agreement, the client or the traveler must inform the carrier or the travel agent of this complaint immediately and in writing or in another appropriate manner, so that the carrier or the travel agent can find a suitable solution. If the complaint is not rectified to the satisfaction of the client or the traveler during the course of the agreement, the latter may submit a written and fully-argued complaint to the carrier or the travel agent at the latest within one month of the execution of the agreement or, if the carriage or the travel arrangement was cancelled, within a month of the planned date of departure. If the complaint does not concern the execution of the agreement but the way in which it was entered, it must be submitted to the carrier or the travel agent within a month of the disputed act or omission.

We adviseour passenger’s to visit travel.state.govas it will help you in getting the information in regards to visa’s, vaccination and other required detail that might be helpful in preparing for your respective tour.