Travel insurance is back-up or cover for various kinds of risks you may encounter during your trip overseas or within India. It includes financial cover in case of death, accident, medical expense incurred during the trip, loss / delay of checked baggage, repatriation, passport loss and third part liability. However, the terms and conditions of the travel insurance need to be carefully studied.

It is always advisable to have Travel Insurance even for Indian holidays For International Travel it is mandatory. It is a good practice to get Travel Insurance prior to commencing your journey to protect oneself from any eventuality as governed by the Travel Insurance Company.

The cost of travel Insurance depend on various factors such as age, duration of the journey, country or places you wish to visit and the benefits included in your insurance plan. Premium is charged as per pre-determined slabs you are categorized into as laid out by Travel Insurance Company.

Travel Insurance is not included in Customized or Themed or Group Holidays. However, it is always advised to add Travel Insurance to your personalized packages prior to commencing your journey.

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